Photo by Alyssa Elliott

Paul J. Pastor is a writer living beside the Columbia River in Oregon. His writings on spirituality blend a love of the Christian Scriptures with wide-ranging interests in literature, art, philosophy, and culture, and a unique intimacy with the natural world.

Paul’s writing has won numerous awards and critical recognition for its beauty and depth. Grounded in his love for the biblical texts in their original languages and literary forms, he crafts careful and well-researched work, presenting timeless ideas that speak boldly to the wounds and possibilities of our age.

With a M.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies from Western Seminary, Paul brings his passion and insights to life as a speaker at churches and universities. As well, he is respected as a freelance book editor, with a wide body of work (40+ titles) ranging from major publishing houses to niche imprints. He serves as editor-at-large for Outreach magazine, contributing regular features to serve spiritual leaders.

Paul, a member of the Cascade Writers collective, also collaborates to bring the voices of notable authors forward, tuned to their full potential. A good example is his partnership with international evangelist Luis Palau for his definitive spiritual memoir, Palau: A Life on Fire (Zondervan, 2019).

Paul and his wife Emily serve on the leadership team of Theophilus Church in Portland, Oregon. They have three children and constant adventures.