With this elegant book, Paul Pastor sets out to introduce us to the mysteries of the Spirit. His vivid writing and the simple, evocative images breathe life into the third person of the trinity. Few books make knowing God more enticing.
— -RELEVANT Magazine
...[E]ntirely biblical and thoroughly refreshing. In our overly personalized and individualistic spirituality, it is comforting to read something so big... [T]he vigor and imaginative reach of Pastor’s prose offer a welcome alternative to the bland products of the modern evangelical industrial complex.
— -Books & Culture


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Often while reading The Face of the Deep, I had to pause, think, and re-read a passage too rich and too insightful for a single consideration. Moreover, what hooked me first to that passage were its sharp images and its stout language. I have no doubt that anyone who does not skim but attends closely to Pastor’s book will experience the same inspiring jolts.
— Walter Wangerin, Jr. Winner of the National Book Award
The Face of the Deep is grounded in scripture and steeped in awe and wonder. Paul J. Pastor’s exploration of the person and work of the Holy Spirit is creative, thorough, and profound—and as much-needed as it is refreshing.
— Karen Swallow Prior, Ph.D., author of Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me
The best way to grasp mystery is not to dissect it but to behold it. So it is especially with the mystery of the Holy Spirit—the most misunderstood person of the Trinity—and Paul J. Pastor is the perfect writer and thinker to take us closer to, and savor, that mystery.
— Katelyn Beaty, managing editor of Christianity Today magazine
Paul J. Pastor writes with clarity, insight, and an inspiring lyrical quality that is impossible to resist. It’s hard to imagine a more original, intelligent, and poignant exploration of this surprisingly under-explored area of theological inquiry—the Holy Spirit and its crucial role in believers’ faith lives. Paul J. Pastor’s new book is sure to move his readers as much as it enlightens them.
— Tom Krattenmaker, member of the USA Today Board of Contributors and author of The Evangelicals You Don't Know
Informed and informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking, inspired and inspiring ... an absorbing and highly recommended read for all members of the Christian community regardless of their denominational affiliation.
— Midwest Book Review
Many people today are hungry for the work of the Spirit, yet confused and cynical ... But rather than standing back, we should seek for the right biblical vision and understanding of who the Spirit is, and the role he plays in the life of the believer and church. And that is what Paul has given us here: a theologically rich, soul-stirring vision of what the life of the Spirit among the people of God looks like ...
— Jon Tyson, founding pastor of Trinity Grace Church and author of Sacred Roots
[Read this book] slowly so that the Holy Spirit is allowed to speak through the pages and provide a deeper awareness of [his] mystery and beauty.
— CBA Retailers and Resources
My friend Paul J. Pastor is himself a stunning mural unto the creativity and grace of the Creator God ... The Face of the Deep is a beautiful and brilliant book that will restore the church’s heart to the Creator Spirit for ages to come. I have been turned toward the Fire.
— Dr. A. J. Swoboda, pastor, professor, and author of A Glorious Dark
Paul J. Pastor’s portrait of the presence, power and work of the Holy Spirit pulsates with awe, wonder and worship befitting the topic. It’s an insightful theological work that feels more like devotional poetry! Full of organic imagery, lively metaphor and lyrical description, The Face of the Deep is a great read and one I recommend for anyone desiring a deeper awareness of the mysterious and beautiful Spirit.
— Brett McCracken, author of Gray Matters and Hipster Christianity


The Icons

Paul and celebrated graphic artist Martin French collaborated extensively to create a series of 14 modern icons of the Holy Spirit for The Face of the Deep. Uniting ancient and new symbols, the images form a beautiful visual language for the Holy Spirit, inspired by Paul's writing.

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