“The Birth From Above,” icon from  The Face of The Deep.  (c) Martin French

“The Birth From Above,” icon from The Face of The Deep. (c) Martin French



Available wherever books are sold.

The Face of the Deep

A collection of 14 creative non-fiction essays on the Holy Spirit, with original icons by Martin French. The most unusual book on pneumatology you’re likely to read.

“Few books make knowing God more enticing.” — RELEVANT Magazine

“...[E]ntirely biblical and thoroughly refreshing… it is comforting to read something so big...” — Books & Culture

“Grounded in scripture and steeped in awe and wonder … [C]reative, thorough, and profound.” — Karen Swallow Prior, Ph.D., author of Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me

“Often while reading The Face of the Deep, I had to pause, think, and re-read a passage too rich and too insightful for a single consideration. Moreover, what hooked me first to that passage were its sharp images and its stout language.” — Walter Wangerin, Jr. Winner of the National Book Award


Available wherever books are sold.

The Listening Day: Volume One

A collection of 90 devotional readings to help you enter God's passionate invitation to know him today. Volume One is themed around the beautiful, loving balance of God’s mercy and severity.

“God will speak to you here. If God has been silent, if God seems far off, or cruel, then come rediscover the surprising depths of his kindness and love in this book.” — Matt Mikalatos, author of Sky Lantern: The Story of a Father’s Love and the Healing Power of a Simple Letter

“One of the best spiritual writers of this generation. In fact, this breathtakingly beautiful offering has turned Pastor into one of my favorite writers of all time. It is clear each meditation is the fruit of unhurried time in the presence of God. As you read, you will be nourished. — Marlena Graves, author of A Beautiful Disaster: Finding Hope in the Midst of Brokenness

“Paul reattaches the divine and the human in a poetic and thoughtful reading experience.” — Dan Haseltine, founder of Blood:Water and lead singer of Jars of Clay

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Available wherever books are sold.

The Listening Day: Volume Two

An invitation to be still and learn to listen for God's love―now. Grounded deeply in the poetic words and images of the Bible, and following on the success of the The Listening Day: Meditations On The Way, Volume One, this is a collection of 90 more devotional readings to help readers know God today. Themed around the rich biblical concept of “Understanding.”

“A book to be read slowly and savored.”— Dr. Krish Kandiah, author of Paradoxology: Why Christianity Was Never Meant to Be Simple and founding director of Home for Good

“Surprising, poignant, joyful, and devastating ... Pastor invites us into new ways of seeing on each page.” — D.L. Mayfield, author of Assimilate or Go Home: Notes from a Failed Missionary on Rediscovering Faith

“My heart’s desire is to trust; to live inside the grace of one day. In your hands is a brilliantly crafted companion for your journey into living that grace. I love The Listening Day because it is helping me do just that.” — Wm Paul Young, author of The Shack

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The Listening Day: The Complete Collection

Coming in late 2019 / early 2020.

The Complete Collection features 365 scripturally-grounded readings to draw you closer to God.

Collecting Volumes One and Two, and adding Volumes Three and Four, you will journey with the Father on a pilgrimage through the year and across the Bible, embracing the deep spiritual concepts of “Beauty,” “Understanding,” “Wisdom,” and “Crown.”

Poetic and nourishing, early readers have commented that this is a “future classic.”

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