Paul is represented by D.C. Jacobson and Associates, an author management company. Please contact them for all writing inquiries.

Select book-length projects:

Select essays & interviews:

Select miscellaneous publishing projects:

  • PARSE / ministry and culture (co-founded with Skye Jethani), listed as the #10 Christian ministry blog in the world in April, 2014.
  • Leadership Journal, 2011-2015, associate editor for iconic print and digital publication, including acquisitions, contributor and story development, site curation and strategy.
  • NIV Vital Faith Study Bible (Zondervan, forthcoming 2015), featured original writing.
  • Christianity Today's Global Publishing division. Various print and digital projects, 2011-2013.
  • The Green Collection, editorial support for forthcoming book on biblical text and canon history.
  • Private clients, including dissertation & thesis editing, trade book proposal coaching, concept development, Christian market analysis, and digital strategy consulting.

A few endorsements:


"Paul attacks his work with professionalism, compassion, and acumen. He has edited my work for over three years, and has always been responsive, concerned for my voice, and with eyes ever set on producing the best version of my words."

- Tony Kriz, author of Aloof, Neighbors and Wise Men, and more.


"Paul stands out as a quiet visionary at this time in the church’s history when many Christian leaders his age have either given up on church or given in to a consumerist approach. Paul understands the current challenges of the church but is hopeful about what the church can be. He is sensitive to the art, history, and tradition of it all without losing touch with the reality of markets and trends. He is able to find that place of longing for what can be while remaining present in what is. And he communicates it with thoughtfulness and grace.”

- Mandy Smith, lead pastor of University Christian Church, author of Making a Mess and Meeting God, and Experts in Weakness (forthcoming).


"Paul demonstrates strong editorial and writing skills and instincts. Paul specifically helped our team wade into the world of eBooks. He investigated the pros and cons of the various delivery platforms and file types available at the time, then capably recommended our best methods for design and delivery to best serve readers. As of the end of 2014, our eBook sales continue to grow and gain traction in the marketplace.

He tackled subject matter that contained complex terminology (such as church legal and financial topics) both as a writer and editor, then found ways to make that content useful and understandable.

Paul brings a sense of joy into his work, and that carries into his collaboration. Such traits meaningfully contribute to product and project success, but more importantly, they foster the collaborative spirit that teams need to succeed."

- Matthew Branaugh, Editor, Church Law & Tax Team at Christianity Today


"Paul is one of the rare people who not only has something important to say, he has the tools to say it well. As an editor, he finds new voices and makes them stronger. As a writer, he presents unique ideas and and perspectives in ways that are surprising and effective. In everything he does, he challenges people to see the world a little differently and consider stories and ideas they might not have otherwise heard. His fresh vision and tireless work ethic make everything he works on stronger. It has been an absolute delight to work with Paul and to get to know him as a coworker and as a friend."

- Laura Leonard, managing editor,


"Paul is a phenomenal editor, writer, and creative thinker. I can truly say he's pushed our publications in a fresh direction. I'm so thankful to call him a friend and a fellow creative."

- Ashley Moore, assistant editor, Christianity Today